Microcredit Regulatory Authority
Assistant Maintenance Engineer (Exam 11-12-2020)
Exam Taker : BUET Time : 3 Hour
MCQ: 100 marks
Tech 20 Bangla 20 English 20 Math 20 GK 20 (All BCS pattern).
Written 200marks (20*10)
  1. Maximum size of memory(RAM) that can be addressed by 32 bit system.
  2. A server has port number 1223. A user is requesting the server(www.example.com) but it is showing server is not reached. How can you solve this?
  3. Your office need some storage device. Highest capacity 500GB. Two system backup of 30GB. Using RAID 1, How many storage device will need? Explain.
  4. A doubly linked list is given.(Address of next node has XOR operation) Traverse method of the list from last to first.
  5. Channel capacity related big math.
  6. Sources of transient fault and permanent fault in a digital system consists of hardware and software? Example based on Hardware and software.
  7. Reliability ,probability related math.
  8. 4 condition of deadlock in OS. Suppose, n processes, P1,P2……..Pn share m identical esource units which can be reserved and released one at a time. The maximum resources req. of process Pi is Si , where Si>0. Which one is sufficient condition for ensuring that deadlock doesn’t occur?
  9. a) What is conflict in git? How to resolve it?
b)Difference between patch and update.
10. a) Difference between test set and validation set.
b) Given a graph of temperature.
11. a) A live video stream will be transmitted . Which Transport layer protocol will you use and why?
b)2 ip address map to same Ethernet address. Will both of them receive packets?
12 Which security attacks (given) occur on client side or server side?
13. A graph was given. Write the steps for BFS and DFS.
14.How to solve laptop overheating problem?
15. Design 3 i/p NAND gate and 2 i/P XOR gate usinf 2 i/p NAND gate.
16. a) Convert 343 decimal to binary and Hexadecimal.
17. Foreign key in RDBMS. Example using a schema.
18. A bash shell script using for loop to give o/p of given pattern
19.a) Using Pseudocode give an example of run time error.
b)Basic difference between interpreter and compiler. Example a programming language for each.
20. What is docker? An application running on windows server shifted in linux server. What problem will occur? Can Docker solve it?
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